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Leica GEB187 NiMH Pro Battery 667147

Leica GEB187 NiMH Pro Battery 667147 (ea)

FLT P/N #:LCA667147 flt inventory status In Stock
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Leica GEB187 NiMH Pro Battery 667147
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Leica GEB187 has replaced GEB87 battery.

Leica GEB87 636850 rechargeable NiCD battery for TPS1000 series total stations.

Leica GEB87 636850 NiCD, On-Board Battery 12V 1500mAh

Like all the batteries we sell, these are genuine Leica brand batteries...NOT "Leica type" or "Leica compatible" knockoffs! You've invested in a quality Leica instrument; make sure your power supply will function properly for a long time in all environmental conditions.

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