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Carlson NR3 GNSS Network Rover Kit (ea)

Carlson NR3 GNSS Network Rover Kit (ea)

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Carlson NR3 GNSS Network Rover Kit
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Carlson NR3 GNSS Network Rover Kit Carlson NR3 GNSS Network Rover Kit Carlson NR3 GNSS Network Rover Kit
Carlson NR3 GNSS Network Rover Kit Carlson NR3 GNSS Network Rover Kit Carlson NR3 GNSS Network Rover Kit

The Carlson (Altus) NR3 from Septentrio combines easy-to-use, multi-frequency, quad-constellation (GPS, GLONASS, & Galileo, with BeiDou optional) RTK with an unrivaled communications tool set for a successful survey or GIS project every time. It incorporates leading GNSS and wireless technology into a sleek and compact design.

This kit includes a Carlson Surveyor 2 controller running Carlson SurvCE GPS with Bluetooth, pole clamp, and Seco 5125-20 rover rod for a complete network rover set-up.

AIM+ offers built-in protection against intentional and unintentional jamming using a sophisticated system of sampling and mitigation mechanisms. The Altus NR3 can suppress the widest variety of interferers from simple continuous narrow-band signals to the more complex wide band and pulsed transmitters as well as lnmarsat and Iridium satellite transmissions.

Mechanical vibrations or shocks caused by rough terrain can wreak havoc with satellite tracking. LOCK+ automatically adjusts the tracking loop parameters of the Altus NR3 so you never lose position.

Activity in the ionosphere is a problem for GNSS signals, from loss of RTK fix to total loss of signal lock. Having honed our skills in the most iono-active areas on Earth, the result is IONO+: the most advanced protection against ionospheric disturbances to GNSS signals on any receiver.

Metal and large nearby structures can reflect GNSS signals and produce multipath. The APME+ system disentangles direct and reflected signals enhancing both position and measurement quality. APME+ is bias free and, in line with Septentrio’s commitment to maximum configurability, can be disabled.

Carlson Surveyor2 with SurvCE GPS.

Now with a faster processor, long-range Bluetooth, extended battery life, larger, brighter display screen, more rugged, easier to use and more...

Surveyor2 Configuration Includes:
• SurvCE GPS Software
• 8GB on board storage
• 1.0 GHz processor
• 512 MB RAM
• Long Range Bluetooth up to 1500ft paired w/class 1 device
• Wi-Fiฎ 802.11 b/g/n with extended range

Standard Accessories Include:
• 10600 mAh rechargeable battery
• AC wall charger with international
plug kit
• Micro USB client sync cable
• 2-year warranty
• Quick start guide
• Adjustable hand strap
• Screwdriver
• Stylus with tether

Kit includes:
● Carlson Seprentrio Altus NR3 C receiver with GPS, GLONASS, & Galileo- BeiDou optional
● Carlson Surveyor 2 Controller with Carlson SurvCE GPS on-board
● Seco 5125-20 aluminum rover rod
● Seco pole cradle & clamp

● Robust, lightweight (1.8 lbs.) and portable GNSS receiver
● Quad-constellation, multi-frequency, all-in-view RTK positioning
● AIM+ anti-jamming and monitoring system
● Easy setup and one-touch logging
● All-in-one base and rover operation- can be configured either way
● L-band for SECORX worldwide corrections
● Carlson Surveyor 2 controller with Carlson SurvCE GPS on-board
● 4G/LTE connectivity
see data sheet below

View/Download Altus data sheet
View/Download Carlson Surveyor 2 data sheet





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