PLS3 Green Beam Laser (ea)

PLS3 Green Beam Laser (ea)

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PLS3 Green Beam Laser
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PLS3 Green Beam Laser PLS3 Green Beam Laser PLS3 Green Beam Laser

This model has been replaced by the new PLS 3R. We still have a limited supply left, so enjoy the great savings of our reduced price!

The PLS3 Green Beam Laser is a point-to-point self-leveling tool that projects 3 bright green beams: up, down, and horizontal. Layout vertical reference points faster than a traditional plumb bob. No more swinging plumb bobs! Plumb instantly from floor to ceiling or from 50 feet off the ground.

The PLS 3 is the “go to” point to point laser for the commercial electrician, HVAC, drywall and staging contractor. Now increase the visibility and potential distance by 300% with our green beam PLS 3.

With a PLS laser and a little thought you can reduce your layout time dramatically. Use your PLS3, PLS4, or the PLS180 laser to determine reference points and lines down and up for each light, per dimensioned plans. How much time would it take you to lay out 50 lights in a vaulted ceiling with two people and a plumb bob? Install conduit, raceways, fixtures, and more.


PLS3 Laser Unit
Carrying Pouch
Operating Manual
Floor Stand
Magnetic Wall Bracket

● Professional grade quality
● Beams quickly self-level (fast dampening action)
● Green beam is very bright and visible
● Unit will indicate if it's beyond self-leveling range

WARRANTY:3 year manufacturer’s warranty from date of purchase - North America

● Working Range: +/- 100 Feet (30 meters)
● Accuracy (all beams): +/-1/4 inch @ 100 Feet (6mm @ 30 meters)
● Leveling: Automatic
● Self Leveling Range: 6 Degrees
● Power Supply: 3 “AA” Batteries
● Operating Time: 10-12 Hrs.
● Dimensions: 1 1/2” x 4 1/2” x 3 1/8”
● Weight: 12 oz. (.33 kg.)
● Class II Laser Product

View/Download PLS3 Data Sheet
View/Download PLS3 & PLS5 Owner's Manual
View/Download Applications for installing steel studs


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