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Northwest NCL 26X Auto Level (ea)

Northwest NCL 26X Auto Level (ea)

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Northwest NCL 26X Auto Level
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Northwest NCL 26X Auto Level Northwest NCL 26X Auto Level Northwest NCL 26X Auto Level
Northwest NCL 26X Auto Level Northwest NCL 26X Auto Level


Magnetically-dampened, wire-hung compensator having superior resistance to heat, cold and shock

Working Range: 300 ft.

Accuracy: 1/16" @ 200 ft

Large effective aperture and minimum focus of 3 ft

Top-mounted optical peep-sight for quick reference

Large, easy-to-use precise focusing knob

Easy-to-read 360 horizontal circle accurate to 10-arc minutes

Integrated hinged mirror for easy bubble viewing

Sealed, dust-protected leveling screws

Water-resistant, sealed construction plus sunshade for use in various weather conditions

Fine motion knobs on left and right sides with friction-braked rotation, endless horizontal drive

1:100 stadia for distance estimation

5/8-11 threads to fit standard tripods

1 year warranty

Product Description:

Northwest NCL series auto levels have been newly redesigned for better accuracy and are now available at even lower prices! The NCL26x Auto Level features a magnetically-dampened, wire-hung compensator that is resistant to heat, cold and shock delivering optimum range and accuracy. It has a working range of 300' with an accuracy of 1/16" @ 200'. The NCL26x is built to last featuring metal housings, high quality optics, and integrated compensator lock, which protects the leveling prisms during transport. Horizontal angles can be read to within 10-arc minute accuracy using the integrated 360 horizontal circle. Big jobs or small, Northwest features an extremely short focusing distance of 3 ft so you can set it up where it's the most useful and out of the way. Water resistant and dustproof, the NCL26x Auto Level is ready to go to work whether it's dry and dusty, or cold and rainy. Level the instrument up without moving from the eyepiece using the integrated hinged mirror so the circular level vial is viewable at eye height. Estimate distances using stadia lines (1:100) allowing you to determine the distance from the level rod.

Package Includes:

Northwest 26x Auto Level
Plumb bob
Carrying Case
Instruction Manual
1 yr warranty


Two-person leveling and grading across the jobsite
Leveling forms and footers, concrete slabs, driveways, pools, pipe laying, and general landscaping
Checking elevation, measuring cut and fill

Our Guarantee:

Each instrument is calibrated by our factory-trained technicians before it ships to ensure accuracy. This means adjusting both the reticle and the bubble.

Remember, no matter how good or expensive your level is, if it's out of adjustment, your level won't shoot level!

We offer a 14 day money back guarantee (less shipping) if you are not completely satisfied with this product.


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