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Leica LS10 Digital Level (ea)

Leica LS10 Digital Level (ea)

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Leica LS10 Digital Level
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Leica LS10 Digital Level Leica LS10 Digital Level Leica LS10 Digital Level
Leica LS10 Digital Level Leica LS10 Digital Level Leica LS10 Digital Level
Leica LS10 Digital Level Leica LS10 Digital Level Leica LS10 Digital Level

For trusted surveyors and measuring professionals, getting a full day´s worth of highly precise leveling measurements is not only stressful but an unusually complex and redundant job.

Leica LS10 and LS15 digital levels give a welcome chance to alleviate demanding leveling tasks. Automated functions and industry-leading 0.2mm accuracy (GS15) allow users to easily demonstrate their measuring skills while effectively completing any project.

From autofocus to touchscreen displays with clean layouts, the entire measurement process is made more efficient with LS10 and LS15 digital levels. Common leveling errors, like misreading the staff or transcription mistakes, are worries of the past. Providing the most reliable results from immediately understandable line flows with image-supported color visuals, these leveling solutions make the professional´s daily tasks a more enjoyable experience.

● 0.3 mm accuracy even with standard Invar staffs
● Electronic level bubble for perfect instrument setup (LS15 only)
● Tilt check prior to each measurement
● Autofocus for maximal contrast of staff (LS15 only)

● Digital camera enables fast and accurate staff sighting (LS15 only)
● Streamline leveling processes with just one push of a button
● Fast and easy data transfer using USB and Bluetooth® connectivity

● Visualization of level lines in the field and in the office
● Screenshots document site and field results
● Step-by-step display guidance for leveling line flows

● Accuracy using standard Invar staff 0.3 mm
● Accuracy using standard staff 1.0 mm 1.0 mm

● Accuracy 15 mm at 30 m

● Minimum range 1.8 m
● Maximum range 110 m
● Measurement time Typically 2.5 sec

see Leica data sheet below for full specifications

View/Download Leica LS10 & LS15 brochure
View/Download Leica LS10 & LS15 data sheet
View/Download Leica LS10 & LS15 equipment list


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Leica LS10 Digital Level
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