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Used Leica TS02 7" R500 Total Station (ea)

Used Leica TS02 7" R500 Total Station (ea)

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Used Leica TS02  7" R500  Total Station
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Used Leica TS02  7" R500  Total Station Used Leica TS02  7" R500  Total Station Used Leica TS02  7" R500  Total Station
Used Leica TS02  7" R500  Total Station Used Leica TS02  7" R500  Total Station

2012 Leica TS02 7" R500 Total Station

Article Number: 785763
Serial Number: 1348280
Condition: very good
Manufactured: 2012
Background: Used
Calibration: Included
Warranty: 30 days

This instrument has been used as a service loaner and our Leica factory-trained service technicians have completed a six-point inspection process to ensure the equipment has been adjusted, calibrated, and found to be within tolerances and manufacturer’s specifications allowed by Leica Geosystems. This certification process includes:

• Hz & Vertical Collimation
• Tilting Axis
• Electronic Leveling Compensator
• Hz line of sight
• Optical and/or Laser Plummet Adjustment
• EDM Calibration and Range Test

Package Includes:

● TS02 7" R500 Reflectorless Total Station, simple numeric standard keyboard with black&white display, RS-232 interface, laser plummet, Quick Guide, and container with protective cover, lens hood, and cleaning cloth.

● Tribrach GDF111-1 BASIC, without optical plummet, pale green

● (1) GEB221, Lithium-Ion battery, 7.4V/4.4Ah, rechargeable.

● GKL311, Charger BASIC, for Li-Ion batteries GEB221 and GEB211, car adapter cable and net adapter included.

Buy with confidence from FLT Geosystems. Don't take a chance with an unknown online seller. All our equipment is thoroughly serviced and calibrated by factory-trained technicians and carries a 30-day warranty. We have been operating continuously in the same location for over 60 years and stand behind everything we sell.

State-of-the-art simplicity with the standard-keyboard and the high resolution black & white display

● Low number of operating elements, whose functions are immediately apparent
● At-a-glance viewing on the largest high-resolution display in its class
● Optimally suited to new users and all those on the construction site who do not use the instrument daily

Best-in-class Electronic Distance Measurement (EDM). With PinPoint EDM, FlexLine plus delivers the optimal balance of range, accuracy, reliability, beam visibility, laser dot size and measurement time.

Work intuitively with the new Leica FlexField plus onboard software

● Low learning curve due to guided workflows
● Easy to understand graphics and icons
● Icons to quickly verify instrument status
● Faster operation due to graphics which make the interpretation of measurement values or text no longer necessary

Theft protection by Leica Geosystems – mySecurity

● mySecurity gives you total peace of mind
● If your instrument is ever stolen, a locking mechanism is available to ensure that the device is disabled and can no longer be used
● 1.5 mm + 2 ppm to prism
● 3500m (11,480 ft.) range to prism
● 2 mm + 2 ppm without prism
● 500m (1,640 ft.) range without prism
● Coaxial laser pointer and measurement beam

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