2013 Leica Nova MS50 1" MultiStation (ea)

2013 Leica Nova MS50 1" MultiStation (ea)

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2013 Leica Nova MS50 1" MultiStation
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2013 Leica Nova MS50 1" MultiStation 2013 Leica Nova MS50 1" MultiStation 2013 Leica Nova MS50 1" MultiStation
2013 Leica Nova MS50 1" MultiStation 2013 Leica Nova MS50 1" MultiStation 2013 Leica Nova MS50 1" MultiStation
2013 Leica Nova MS50 1" MultiStation 2013 Leica Nova MS50 1" MultiStation 2013 Leica Nova MS50 1" MultiStation
2013 Leica Nova MS50 1" MultiStation 2013 Leica Nova MS50 1" MultiStation

Used 2013 Leica MS50 1" MultiStation

Article Number: 805088
Serial Number: 367516
Condition: Excellent condition
Manufactured: 2013
Background: trade-in
Calibration: Included
Warranty: 30-day

This instrument is a trade-in from one of our local customers. Our Leica factory-trained service technicians have completed a six point inspection process to ensure the equipment has been adjusted, calibrated and found to be within tolerances and manufacturer’s specifications allowed by Leica Geosystems. This certification process includes:

• Hz & Vertical Collimation
• Tilting Axis
• Electronic Leveling Compensator
• Hz line of sight
• Optical and/or Laser Plummet Adjustment
• EDM Calibration and Range Test

Package Includes:

• (1) 805088 MS50 1" R2000 MultiStation
• (1) 754834 GEB241 Li-ION Battery
• (1) 799185 GKL311 Li-ION Charger
• (1) 777508 GDF321 Pro Tribrach w/o optical Plummet
• (1) 781305 TS SmartWorx Viva License V5.03
• (1) 781346 TS Imaging License
• (1) Leica MS50 Hard-Shelled Carrying

• MS50 Standard On-board Software Applications
• User Manuals, DVD's, pdf tutorial guides, warranty information

The new Leica Nova MS50 1" Multistation combines the functionality of an imaging total station and 3D laser scanner into one instrument. Add robotic functionality and GNSS connectivity as options. Best of all, Leica's MultiWorx plug-in for AutoCAD and Civil 3D allows drafters and designers to work with the rich 3D point clouds in a familiar CAD environment. This greatly simplifies the process of creating your survey deliverables.


● 1000 pts/sec up to 300 m
● Scan range up to 1000 m
● Millimetre scan precision

● Reflectorless range beyond 2000 m
● Significantly reduced measurement times

● Target acquisition with 20 Hz live video stream
● Simple and comprehensive image-assisted
● Automatic capture of panoramic images

● 30x magnification for high resolution
images and precision target acquisition
● Automatic focussing

● Highest protection rating in the industry
● Withstands MIL standard blowing rain test

● Automatic point cloud registration
3D point cloud viewer
● On-board surface modelling

● Best-in-class in speed and acceleration
● Automatically find prisms with PowerSearch
● Maximised service intervals

All functions, including precision 3D scanning, extensive and precise total station capabilities, digital imagery and GNSS connectivity are now brought together in the Leica Nova MultiStation. A revolutionary solution with advanced measuring technology that provides unchallenged accuracy and quality, yet is easy to use for an unprecedented range of applications. The capabilities of the Leica Nova Multistation are truly comprehensive and second to none.

The Leica Nova MS50 integrates 3D point cloud measurements into a regular survey workflow. This lets you collect and visualise your topographic survey data together
with detailed high-precision scans. Save time by checking your data for integrity and relevance and avoid costly reworking or returns to the field. Benefit from better decisions with richer and more detailed data.

The Leica Nova MS50 features an overview camera and a telescope camera with 30x magnification and autofocus. State-of-theart image processing technology delivers
live fluid video streaming of highest image quality. The imaging capabilities of the Leica Nova MS50 open up new opportunities of operating the MultiStation in an almost infinite range of applications.

The Multistation can be purchased as instrument only or from there, add robotic capabilities, field controller, MultiWorx software, SmartWorx software applications, Leica's CCP (Customer Care Package), and GNSS capabilities as options. Ask your FLT Geosystems rep for more information or to arrange a demo

View/Download Leica Nova MS50 brochure
View/Download Leica Nova MS50 Data Sheet
View/Download Leica MultiWorx plug-in for AutoCad


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2013 Leica Nova MS50 1" MultiStation
$ 28995.00 Used In Stock



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