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Leica GKL341 Professional 5000 Multibay Charger 799187 (ea)

Leica GKL341 Professional 5000 Multibay Charger 799187 (ea)

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Leica GKL341 Professional 5000 Multibay Charger 799187
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Leica Geosystems has developed a new series of future-proof chargers compatible with existing & future generations of Li-Ion batteries such as the GEB121, GEB211, GEB212, GEB221, GEB222, GEB241, GEB242, GEB331, and GEB90.

What’s new?

The new GKL341 multi-bay "intelligent charger" charges up to four Leica Geosystems batteries within eight hours. It works on a “first inserted, first loaded” principle. The right charger bay integrates a refresh option. After an extended period of use, the shown percentage of remaining power from batteries differs from the actual percentage after charging. With the refresh bay this error can be automatically corrected. A country specific mains cable is added to each delivery.

“Intelligent Chargers” constantly monitor the status of the batteries and temperature and charge according to the best conditions. This results in an increased lifetime of batteries.

Phase Out

The existing GKL211 and GKL221 with existing adaptor plates GDI221 and GDI222 will be phased-out immediately.

The existing GKL112 charger to charge the GEB111 and GEB121 Ni-Metal batteries will remain without changes. The GKL32 charger for the GEB171 external batteries will also remain unchanged.

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