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Service & Repair

Florida Level & Transit is a factory-authorized repair center for the following manufacturers: Leica Geosystems AG, Topcon Positioning Systems/Sokkia, Spectra Precision, GeoMax, AGL, and Northwest Instrument.
At FLT, we understand that even the most reliable instruments need periodic maintenance to ensure factory specifications are met to provide optimal accuracy and reliability in the workplace. We are also committed to providing prompt and reliable service to our customers because we understand the importance of keeping downtime to a minimum.
Our team of six certified technicians, located at our authorized service centers in Ft. Lauderdale and Tampa, has over 75 years of industry experience to provide unmatched technical expertise and high quality repairs. All our technicians are trained by the product manufacturer to provide comprehensive product service, repairs, and service certificates. FLT also has one of the largest parts inventory ensuring fast repair turn-around times and a fully maintained service loaner equipment fleet to minimize downtime while your equipment is being serviced.
• Repair all major brands and models of surveying equipment and construction lasers
• Factory trained & certified technicians
• Fast turn-around time
• Service rentals widely available
In addition, we gladly provide phone support to assist in solving simple problems encountered in the field, saving time and money. Call us at (954) 763-5300 or email us at
We are especially proud to be an Authorized Service Center for the following manufacturers: Leica Geosystems AG for optical, GPS, and laser instruments; Topcon Positioning Systems/Sokkia for optical and laser instruments; Spectra Precision, PLS, GeoMax and AGL for laser instruments; and Northwest Instrument for optical and laser instruments. This means that our technicians have been factory trained, and in the case of Leica, our service centers have passed rigorous recurring audits. We are therefore authorized to maintain parts inventory, perform repairs, and to issue Service Certificates.
Please send Instruments for repair to 809 Progresso Drive, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 33304 Attn: Repair Department
ATTENTION! When shipping from overseas, please use a door-to-door shipping service (DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT, or mail) and indicate on the airway bill that 'US Goods being sent for repair only'. This will avoid duties being charged, and expedite delivery to us.
¡ATENCIÓN! Al enviar su equipo desde el extranjero, por favor utilice el servicio de puerta a puerta que ofrece DHL , UPS , Fedex, TNT,o el Correo nacional e indicar en la carta de Envio aéreo (AirWay Bill) lo siguiente: "Producto hecho en EE. UU enviado para reparación solamente" Esto evitará impuestos aduanales innecesarios agilizando la entrega a nuestro taller.
Leica Topcon Sokkia Spectra PLS NWI
leica topcon sokkia spectra pls nwi   leica topcon sokkia spectra pls nwi   leica topcon sokkia spectra pls nwi