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Leica RTC360 Flash Drive 256GB 842065

Leica RTC360 Flash Drive 256GB 842065 (ea)

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Leica RTC360 Flash Drive 256GB 842065
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The Leica 256GB USB flash drive is an industrial grade flash drive specifically designed for the Leica RTC360 laser scanner. Leica 842065

Loosing data due to faulty storage media is frustrating and costly.

Leica Industrial-grade cards are specially developed,
manufactured and tested to withstand extreme
environmental conditions.

The electronic accessories from Leica Geosystems comply with a higher standard than the commercially available accessories that meet consumer or even industry standards.

The RISC controllers integrated into the cards offer improved product features, such as inbuilt error
correction, automatic block management, power loss data protection and low power settings.

The specially designed casings provide the best possible mechanical protection against bending or
other imposed loads.

The construction of the casings of industrial cards render them insensitive to the effects of electrostatic charges.

The gold coatings on the contact surfaces are many times thicker than those of standard cards and are designed to be inserted at least 10,000

Power loss protection prevents data loss in the event of a sudden power failure.

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