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Leica LOC8 Theft Protection

Leica LOC8 Theft Protection (ea)

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Leica LOC8 Theft Protection
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Leica LOC8 Theft Protection Leica LOC8 Theft Protection

The Leica LOC8 device can precisely position your instrument both indoors and outdoors. Positioning accuracy of 50 meters with AGPS, 15 meters with WLAN and down to <5 meters with the use of GPS.

Set up multiple geo fences around your office and job sites and be sure your instruments are where they are meant to be, safe and secure. Doubling up as fleet management tool, LOC8 alerts you when an instrument is removed from a pre-defined geo fenced area.

Remotely lock your instrument with just a click of a button on your mobile device or computer. Operation of your instrument relies entirely on establishing a connection to the installed LOC8 component; so even
if the total station is not powered on, it can still be locked. Simply unlock your device the same way, without the hassle of bringing it to a service center.

The device attaches to the face 2 of an instrument. Tracking is accomplished through the Trackimo app. Includes a one year subscription to Subsequent years are $50/year.

Currently available on TS13 and TS16 robotic total stations, TS03/07/10 Flexline manual total stations, MS60 MultiStation, and the iCON building layout lineup: iCR70, iCR80, iCR80S, iCB50, iCB70 and for the iCON layout tool iCT30. Can be ordered with new instruments, or retrofitted to existing instruments for an additional cost.

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