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Contact FLT Geosystems

Corporate Office
809 Progresso Drive
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304-1947 [View Map]
Phone: (954) 763-5300 Toll Free (800) 327-0775
Fax: (954) 462-2992


ATTENTION!! When shipping from overseas, please use a door-to-door shipping service (DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT, or mail) and indicate on the airway bill that 'US Goods being sent for repair only'. This will avoid duties being charged, and expedite delivery to us. Please send Instruments for repair to 809 Progresso Drive, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 33304 Attn: Repair Dept.
Instrument Repairs
Edgar Leon- Manager- Survey Repairs- Espanol
Matt Casto- Survey Repairs
Phil Herrle- Manager Laser Repairs


Laser Sales/Repairs
Phil Herrle- Inside Sales
Kenny Smith- Level Best Grading Box Sales


Terry McKay, President
Kristie Krane, Credit Manager
Alan McKay, Purchasing Manager
Linh Huynh, Purchasing


Survey Sales
John McKay- Sales/Export Sales
Angel Monterroso- GPS Sales/Support- Espanol
Rolando Gomez- Sales/Repairs-Espanol
Kathy Snelling- Inside/Wholesale/Internet Sales
Alex Holt- 3D Scanner/ iCON Sales
Mike Alberto- Espanol/Portugues- Sales/Export Sales
Paul Moshanko- Wood Stakes Sales & Delivery
Jerry Hooker GPS Sales/Support
Bob Nettles- Sales
Kenny Smith- Level Best Grading Box Sales


Phone: (904) 616-4749 Toll Free (800) 327-0775
Fax: (954) 462-4121


Laser Sales/Customer Service/Repairs
Scott Forrest


Survey Sales/ Customer Service/Repairs
Scott Forrest- Outside Sales
Jerry Hooker- GPS Sales/Support

5468 56th Commerce Park Blvd.
Tampa, FL 33610 [View Map]
Phone: (813) 623-3307 Toll Free (800) 282-7003
Fax: (813) 623-2100


Laser Sales
Mike Smith- Survey Sales
Kenny Smith- Laser, Level Best Sales


Paul Castillo- Survey Repairs-Espanol
Kenny Smith- Laser Repairs


Survey Sales/ Customer Service
Mike Smith- Sales


Phone: (813) 623-3307 Toll Free (800) 282-7003
Fax: (813) 623-2100


Laser Sales
Kenny Smith- Outside Sales


Survey Sales
Mike Smith- Outside Sales
Mike Alberto- Outside Sales
Angel Monterroso- Technical Support