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Leica iCON CC200 Tablet

Leica iCON CC200 Tablet (ea)

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Leica iCON CC200 Tablet
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Leica iCON CC200 Tablet Leica iCON CC200 Tablet Leica iCON CC200 Tablet
Leica iCON CC200 Tablet Leica iCON CC200 Tablet Leica iCON CC200 Tablet
Leica iCON CC200 Tablet

Crafted for surveyors, the Leica CC200 is a rugged tablet blending performance, comfort, and durability. Use the CC200 as a field controller for survey and stakeout with Leica iCON Build, Leica iCON Site, or Leica Captivate software, viewing clear 2D and 3D visualisations on a 10" anti-reflective screen. Wherever your survey work takes you, the rugged CC200 is ready for challenging conditions with an IP65 rating and specialised glove and rain modes for effortless navigation no matter the weather. The integrated rear camera opens new possibilities to capture site details, and the CC200 has the performance specs to support data management and processing in the field and office.

The iCON CC200 comes pre-loaded with either iCON Build software or iCON Site software

Rugged and Adaptable

From city street stakeouts to rural surveys or as-built checks on active construction sites, the Leica CC200 is a rugged tablet ready for tough and variable conditions. Dust and water resistant, the IP65-certified CC200 also offers adaptable operation with ‚finger‘, ‚glove‘ and ‚water‘ modes, ensuring it‘s easy to use in any weather.

High Performance

Ready for demanding projects, the CC200 handles large data volumes smoothly, thanks to the 16GB RAM capacity. This means high performance whether working with CAD files, staking surfaces, analysing data, or creating reports. Additionally, the 12-hour battery comfortably provides power for an entire working day.

Advanced Usability

The large 10” anti-reflective screen ensures optimal readability, even in bright sunlight or harsh lighting conditions. Equipped with a 2MP front camera with microphone and an 8MP rear camera with autofocus, use the CC200 to collect imagery on site and communicate with the office.
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