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LaserLine GR10I 10' Ft/Inches Lenker Style Direct Reading Rod

LaserLine GR10I 10' Ft/Inches Lenker Style Direct Reading Rod (ea)

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LaserLine GR10I 10' Ft/Inches Lenker Style Direct Reading Rod
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LaserLine GR10I 10' Ft/Inches Lenker Style Direct Reading Rod LaserLine GR10I 10' Ft/Inches Lenker Style Direct Reading Rod

The GR10I 10' Lenker Style direct reading level rod, gradations in feet & inches, allows you directly observe the true elevation of any point on the jobsite without any calculations.

For use with optical levels (for use with a laser and detector, use a direct reading laser rod such as the GR1000, GR1000T, GR100I, or GR1450T which have groves allowing you to slide the detector up and down).

Simply set the reading on the rod to match the elevation of a known elevation such as a benchmark or hub. This is possible because the rod face is actually a continous flexible tape mounted on rollers within the frame of the rod which can be locked down once set. From then on, every elevation reading around the jobsite can be read directly through your optical level.


The Laser Line GR10I Direct Reading grade rod is made of high strength clear anodized aluminum for lightweight rugged, dependable operation. It will not rust, split, splinter swell or warp in any environment.

The tape has a heavy duty matte textured face which is easy on the eyes in bright sunlight and protects the tape numbers from wear and fading.

Tape lock grommets are oversized,
heavy duty brass. This greatly minimizes the problem of tape tearing.

Detector rail is black, high density, U.V. stabilized for long life. It is specifically designed to not become brittle when exposed to ultraviolet rays or direct sunlight.

The solid tape lock has an internal brake slide for stronger, trouble-free operation.


1 Set rod foot on a benchmark or hub with a known elevation; i.e. 2,525 feet 41/4 inches elevation.

2. Using an optical instrument (sight level, auto level, etc.), site to the rod and use the horizontal line as your grade reference.

3. Loosen the tape lock pin (lower knob) and disengage the tape pin from the grommet.

4. Roll the tape face until 5 feet 4 1/4 inches is across from the pointer on the laser detector bracket, or the horizontal line on your optical instrument. You are using the last whole number of 2,525 (which is 5 feet) plus the inches and fraction of an inch (which is 41/4 inches).

5. Lock the tape by engaging the tape lock pin into the nearest grommet. Then tighten the knob.
You have now locked into the rod elevation (2,525 feet 4 1/4 inches). All future readings will be
true elevation above or below 2,525 feet 4 1/4 inches (5 feet 4 1/4 inches) as read on the rod.

6. To find an elevation, simply set the rod foot at any location on the job within the range of your optical instrument. Using your optical instrument, just read the number across the horizontal line. That number is your true elevation.

Rod reading is 6 feet 5 3/4 inches = 2,526 feet 5 3/4 inches true elevation
Rod reading is 4 feet 7 1/2 inches = 2,524 feet 71/2 inches true elevation

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