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Aervoe 229 Fluorescent Pink Survey Marking Paint

Aervoe 229 Fluorescent Pink Survey Marking Paint (Can)

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Aervoe 229 Fluorescent Pink Survey Marking Paint
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Aervoe 229 Fluorescent Pink Survey Marking Paint. 17 net wt. 20 oz can.

This is Aervoe's best upside down marking paint- not to be confused with their Construction Marking Paint, whose mark lasts about half the time of Survey Marking Paint.

Designed for survey marking, this "solvent-based" paint provides the best quality in terms of color visibility and retention, durability, and a lasting mark of up to six months.

Aervoe Survey Marking Paint is the best marking paint of its kind. It is packaged in a can that is operated only in an upside down position. It provides exceptional quality in terms of initial color brightness, color retention, adhesion, durability, and color consistency. It is formulated with superior quality raw materials to meet the requirements of the most demanding professional.

May be applied by hand, with a SEYZ-605 Spot Marker, or with a SEYZ-606 Marking Stick.

Although the optimum operating temperature range is 50F to 90F (10C to 30), the product contains a freeze point depressant which will allow it to function with a reduced delivery rate down to 15F (-10C).

Benefits: Colors meet standards set by OSHA and APWA/One Call Systems. It is not affected by moisture or water and it will not wash away once dry. The spray-through cap eliminates accidental discharge. Each can is non-clogging and empties completely. High delivery (HD) tip and valve system offers expeditious product delivery, which saves time and provides better coverage than regular delivery products.

Regular colors will last up to 6 months, and fluorescent colors will last 3 to 6 months depending on traffic and exposure.

Uses: Designed to adhere to most surfaces, including pavement, gravel, and soil. It is ideal for use in surveying, utility identification, and other long term marking applications. This product is not recommended for use on short cut grass such as golf course greens.

Price is per can. Net wt. 17 oz. of paint in a 20 oz. capacity can. 12 cans/case.

● Mark will last up to 6 months
● Can is non-clogging and empties completely
● Non-freezing
● Operational to 14F (-10C)
● H.D. = high delivery tip
● Colors meet standards set by OSHA and APWA/One Call Systems
● May be used with the cap on in Aervoe applicators #244/245.

see Safety Data Sheet below

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