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Carlson SurvCE 6.0 Total Station

Carlson SurvCE 6.0 Total Station (ea)

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Carlson SurvCE 6.0 Total Station
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Please inquire for current Carlson software specials or multiple seat discounts at or 954-763-5300

Carlson SurvCE 6.0 is the first choice in data collection software, combining advanced functionality, ease-of-use, and sheer capability.

Get the software that supports a wide variety of equipment, old or new.
Enjoy excellent, free (and prompt) technical support.

SurvCE is available in more than two dozen languages. These include: English, Spanish, French, French (Canadian), Portuguese, Czech, Dutch, simplified Chinese, Korean, Greek, Italian, Polish, Hungarian, Swedish, Latvian and more.

Major New Features and Improvements: SurvCE 6.0

● SurvCE now offers the Hybrid+ Survey module to survey with both GPS and Total Station at the same time. Visit for more details.
● Log Raw GPS has been redesigned to allow static logging without configuring an RTK Rover or Base. The process has been streamlined for ease of use.
● SurvCE now offers an advanced total station search icon to allow selection of search type from inside of any live survey screen.
● GNSS Analysis has been updated to the 2017 version.
● SurvCE now supports a laser pointer icon in all live survey screens for any total station with a laser pointer.
● SurvCE now supports web map overlays from Google, Open Street Maps, ArcGIS REST, and user defined Web Map Servers (WMS/WMTS/TMS).
● SurvCE can now read and export PRJ projection files.
● SurvCE now includes Snap options inside of store points to facilitate drawing in the field as part of the survey process. An UNDO option has also been included.
● Total station control icons Search, Lock/Track, Target, and Laser Pointer will now be available in more screens.
A new status icon will now show the status of the instrument connection from all screens.
● SurvCE now includes a “GIS Inspector” feature in the Map screen that allows viewing and editing GIS attributes as linework is created and edited.
● SurvCE now supports obstructed view stakeout mode.
● SurvCE now includes a “Surface Inspector” for elevation difference which allows storing and staking points from the surface as well as viewing cut/fill to the surface using Snaps.
● SurvCE now displays a red tolerance bar to indicate that a measurement is currently outside of a user defined tolerance.
● SurvCE now supports an automatic backsight check in the joystick screen.
Auto by Interval when level now stores the most level reading which was recorded during the required level tolerance period.
● SurvCE now supports continuous reflectorless measurement for total stations which support the feature.
● SurvCE now offers the ability to demo the roading module on an already registered copy of the software.
● SurvCE now supports a two-prism pole in the 2-Point offset routine.

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