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Leica iCON prep Office Software CSW350

Leica iCON prep Office Software CSW350 (ea)

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Leica iCON prep Office Software CSW350
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This is a PC-based version of the iCON field software. It has the full functionality of the iCON field software, except it uses GPS/TPS simulators instead of connecting to GPS/TPS instruments.

iCON prep includes the following:
- iCON site
- iCON site Plus
- iCON build
- iCON build Plus
- Objects App
- Roading App
- Surface Pilot App

Successful on-site data control for surface checking, survey, stake out or using machine control systems. The successes of these tasks depend on assured integrity of the applied design data. Leica iCON office data preparation software offers a complete preparation, editing and reporting toolkit that fulfills the needs of contractors.

iCON office speaks the language of your design data. From design to field, the Leica iCON office philosophy is to use the shortest possible path. By working in close cooperation with local and international design software suppliers Leica Geosystems has produced an application that can import and export data formats that have become de facto industry standards as well as many data formats that are used only in specific regions. These formats include, among others:

MX / Moss

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