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Spectra Precision Office Software Basic Version

Spectra Precision Office Software Basic Version (ea)

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Spectra Precision Office Software Basic Version
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Spectra Precision Survey Office (SPSO) is a highly automated desktop application for processing and managing optical and GNSS data. With unique capabilities, such as GNSS data processing, Spectra Precision Survey Office enables survey professionals to
bring their data straight from the field and begin working with it immediately to produce the deliverables they, or their clients, require. Likewise, users can quickly edit a design
and send it to the field for layout.

SPSO provides surveyors and engineers with advanced technology, integrating common tasks into a single system. Process and review RTK, static, Fast Static, and Stop-and-Go kinematic data. Spectra Precision Survey Office also performs data
reduction, computation, QA/QC and network adjustment. Control data can be exported to the field software for use in the field.

Corridor's and Road workflows are supported in SPSO. The user is able to create, import, export and edit corridors and roads. The Roading module allows you to create crosssections, create points at intervals, add in material layers and has the ability to create and
edit templates. This enables the integration of Survey Pro field software and SPSO office software for a complete solution for all of your roading needs.

A customizable user interface enhances the Spectra Precision Survey Office experience. For users who wish to maximize their efficiency, the Spectra Precision Survey Office ribbon interface makes functions easy to find and understand.

■ Add frequently used functions to the quick access toolbar.
■ Create ribbon tabs with streamlined workflows.
■ Specify any website as the start page.

Survey Office is only available for 64-bit operating systems.

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