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Northwest NSL500 Level-Transit Package Inches

Northwest NSL500 Level-Transit Package Inches (ea)

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Northwest NSL500 Level-Transit Package Inches
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Northwest NSL500 Level-Transit Package Inches Northwest NSL500 Level-Transit Package Inches Northwest NSL500 Level-Transit Package Inches

The Northwest NSL500 Level-Transit is for builders that require horizontal angle measurements, plumbing vertical columns, measuring property lines, excavating trenches and running pipelines.

This instrument has clamps and tangents that bring the instrument quickly on target. It is ideal for leveling, turning all horizontal and vertical angles and vertical plumbing applications. It is designed for squaring up foundations, layout work, leveling foundations, running fence and pipelines, plumbing walls, and various grading/leveling applications.

The NSL500 can measure vertical angles 45 degrees and measures horizontal angles to within 1 degree accuracy. The NSL500 can can also be used as a level by locking the telescope into place. The level vial has an accuracy of 1/4" @ 100 ft making it ideal for elevation measurements and grading applications. The transit telescope has exceptionally clear optics for easy level rod readings and stadia lines (1:100) allowing you to determine the distance of the transit from the level rod. Reinforced rubber pads protect delicate portions of the transit giving it added durability.


Non-strip focus knob prevents breakage and lens damage

Working Range: 200 ft.

Leveling Accuracy: 1/4" @ 100 ft.

Angular Accuracy: within 1 degree

Sliding lock levers to lock telescope

Built-in sunshade reduces glare

Large effective aperture and coated lens for sharp image

Rubber eyepiece cap protects eyeglasses

Durable, brass leveling screws

Dust protected eyepiece with fixed crosshairs for accuracy

High precision glass leveling vial

5 ft short focus for maximum usable range

One piece aluminum telescope body

Electrostatically powder coated for added durability

1:100 stadia for distance estimation

5/8 x 11 thread fits all tripods sold today

1 year warranty


Aluminum Tripod
Northwest NSL500 Level-Transit
9' Level Rod in ft/inches/8ths
Plumb bob
Carrying Case
Instruction Manual


Plumb walls, turn angles, layout work, measuring angles, running fences or pipelines
Two-person leveling and grading across the jobsite
Leveling forms and footers, concrete slabs, driveways, pools, pipe laying, and general landscaping
Checking elevation
Measuring cut and fill

Our Guarantee:

Each instrument is calibrated by our factory-trained technicians before it ships to ensure accuracy. This means adjusting both the reticle, bubble and horizontal and vertical axis.

Remember, no matter how good or expensive your level is, if it's out of adjustment, your transit level won't shoot level!

We offer an unconditional 7 day money back guarantee (less shipping) if you are not completely satisfied with this product.


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