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Leica TS10 1" R500 Flexline Total Station

Leica TS10 1" R500 Flexline Total Station (ea)

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Leica TS10 1" R500 Flexline Total Station
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Leica TS10 1" R500 Flexline Total Station Leica TS10 1" R500 Flexline Total Station Leica TS10 1" R500 Flexline Total Station
Leica TS10 1" R500 Flexline Total Station Leica TS10 1" R500 Flexline Total Station Leica TS10 1" R500 Flexline Total Station
Leica TS10 1" R500 Flexline Total Station

Leica FlexLine TS10 is a high-end manual total station, enabling you to carry out high-demand survey tasks with Leica Captivate software. This way you can participate in the world of 3D by benefiting from 3D views of your measured data.

The TS10 solves daily professional challenges and tasks for growing demands within surveying and mapping, building construction and civil engineering:

● Managing directors of construction departments benefit from minimal downtime of your survey crews to deliver projects under budget and in time.
● Survey managers can rely on the highest product durability in the market, which increases your planning certainty.
● Surveyors work faster by measuring more points per day with less measurement errors and rework.

The new Leica FlexLine series is based on a proven product concept, revolutionising the world of measurement and survey for nearly 200 years. Unlike any other manual total stations in the market, Leica Geosystems manual total stations focus on providing the highest quality, the lowest total cost of ownership and the longest durability in the industry, enabling users to work with purpose-driven solutions for the best performance results.

The TS10 offers the world’s first AutoHeight feature as standard. AutoHeight enables the instrument to automatically measure, read and set its instrument height. Prevent time consuming manual effort and eliminate critical errors during the instrument setup when this revolutionary feature uses a laser from the instrument to measure to the ground and automatically passes the measurement to the software.

The TS10 is equipped with the Leica Captivate field software, a comprehensive application-based software package. This intuitive, familiar software helps you to capture even more points than before. You are also able to tie into the modern 3D dataflow and rigorous quality assurance and control routines.

Now with optional mobile internet access the TS10 connects to the office for a seamless dataflow and to Leica Geosystems trusted global service and support at the touch of a button. With the Active Customer Care program and myWorld customer portal, users have access to latest software updates, service and support as well as to mySecurity. With mySecurity activated, the locking mechanism ensures the device is disabled and can no longer be used.

Package includes:

● Leica TS010 1" R500 total station
● Leica GEB331 Li-Ion battery (1)
● Leica GKL311 charger
● Leica GDF321 pro tribrach w/out optical plummet

Also available with 1000m Reflectorless EDM (R1000)

● Onboard Leica Captivate data collection software
● EDM range to prism up to 10,000m
● Reflectorless EDM range to 500m (1000m range optional)
● EDM accuracy to prism 1mm + 1.5ppm
● EDM accuracy relectorless 2mm + 2ppm
● 2 GB internal memory
● Laser plummet
● Auto Height measurement
● EGL guide lights optional with R1000 version
● Endless drives for HZ & V
● Bluetooth, WLAN interface
● RS232 and USB device interface
● LTE Modem for internet access (optional)
● One keyboard 5" color touch/ 2nd keyboard is optional
● Function keys optional
● Water/dust/humidity IP66 rating
● Artic version optional
● Also available with 1000m Reflectorless EDM (R1000)
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