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Leica DISTO™ S910

Leica DISTO™ S910 (ea)

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Leica DISTO™ S910
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Leica DISTO™ S910 Leica DISTO™ S910 Leica DISTO™ S910
Leica DISTO™ S910 Leica DISTO™ S910 Leica DISTO™ S910

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The Leica DISTO S910 is the first laser distance measurer that captures multiple, accurate measurements in three dimensions from a single location, radically improving the efficiency of common measuring tasks.

Smart Base -- a biaxial pivot integrated with the circuit board -- is the key hardware innovation. Combined with a more powerful laser, a 360° tilt sensor, and new software -- SmartBase enables you to stand back from your target to measure the distances and angles between multiple points.

SmartBase facilitates three new remote measurement functions:

Point to Point (P2P): Measure the tie distance between two points, even if you are hundreds of feet from your target. Shoot Point 1 then Point 2 and the DISTO S910 displays the distance between them. Widths, heights, diagonals, gaps, it doesn't matter: Just measure the start and end point and the distance is displayed.

Smart Area: Shoot the corners of any polygon to determine the area of walls, floors, even complex roof shapes.

Smart Angle: Shoot three points to measure any angle (including outside angles, which is a first).

You can create realistic object visualizations and high levels of fast and accurate documentation. Transfer measurements instantly to PC's, smartphones and tablets via WLAN or Bluetooth® Smart technology. Alternatively, save the results and pictures on the device as DXF data and download later with the USB interface for use in CAD software.

● Distance measurement
● Minimum / maximum measurements
● Area / volume measurements
● Painter function, Tilt measurement
● Smart Horizontal Mode
● Sloped object measurement
● Height tracking, Height profile measurements
● Subtraction / addition
● Pointfinder with 4x zoom
● Camera function, Measure with the picture
● Personalized favorites
● Touch screen, Compass
● Point-to-Point measurements
● Smart angle measurement
● DXF data capture

● DISTO™ S910
● Holster
● Smart Base Extension
● Hand Loop
● USB charger including 4 plugs
● USB cable
● Manual/Safety Instructions on CD
● Calibration Certificate - Silver
● Quick Start
● Protect card

We gladly support this product by providing as much technical field and phone support as you need...just call or email us at

● Integrated Smart Base for P2P Technology
● Pointfinder with 4x zoom for easy targeting
● X-Range Power Technology for highest measurement performance (range up to 300m)
● 360° tilt sensor
● DXF data capture
● Real-time data transfer with WLAN
● Bluetooth­® Smart
● Free App - Leica DISTO­™ sketch
● Free Software for Windows­® - Leica DISTO™ transfer WLAN
Accuracy: ± 1.0 mm / ~1/16"
Range: 0.05 up to 300m
Leveling Range: ± 5°
File Formats: jpg, dxf
Charging Time: 4h
Protection: IP 54

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