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Nedo Heavy-Duty Elevating Tripod 210678-185

Nedo Heavy-Duty Elevating Tripod 210678-185 (ea)

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Nedo Heavy-Duty Elevating Tripod 210678-185
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Nedo Heavy-Duty Elevating Tripod 210678-185 Nedo Heavy-Duty Elevating Tripod 210678-185 Nedo Heavy-Duty Elevating Tripod 210678-185

Nedo introduces it's new Heavy-Duty Aluminum Elevating Tripod 210678-185 with an indirect gear mechanism for smooth operation. Maximum working height is 116"/2.94m- Minimum height is 40"/1.01m. Suitable for large rotating lasers.

Nedo elevating tripods are extremely robust to handle the adverse working conditions of a construction site. Highly stressed components such as the plate, head with elevating gear, crank, and of course the quick clamping levers are made of high-strength aluminum.

Thanks to the elevating mechanism, even heavy-duty lasers or machine control lasers can be easily lifted to the desired height and smoothly adjusted.

Double telescopes offer an extremely wide working range. Unique features such as Nedo Slip Guard which prevents the tripod legs from spreading on smooth ground and quick release levers made of aluminum are a standard on every Nedo elevating tripod.

Elevating Tripods with Direct or Indirect Gear Unit

Nedo elevating tripods are equipped either with a direct or an indirect gear unit to adjust the height of the elevating column.

Indirect Gear Direct gear unit means that the crank directly meshes the toothed column. Elevating tripods with indirect gear unit are equipped with a reduction gear in between the crank and the toothed column for more convenience. Less force needs to be applied to lift even heavy lasers. Furthermore the reduction gear unit prevents any unintentional decent of the laser when the locking screw is released.

Made in Germany

● Indirect gear unit, reinforced for easy handling and less wear and tear
● Double telescope for a wide working range
● Inch and mm scale on elevating column
● Circular bubble
● Strong aluminum extension legs, silver anodized
● Tripod head and plate made of aluminum, powder-coated
● Break-proof quick release levers, made of aluminum
● Brass hinge pins for extra stability
● Combi tripod feet for all terrain use
● Slip guard
● Made in Germay
● Min. effective height approx. 40" / 1.01 m
● Max. effective height approx. 116" / 2.94 m
● Retracted length approx 52"/1.32m
● Weight 19 lbs. / 8.6 kg
● Holding screw 5/8 x 11 thread
● Tripod plate 4.3 / 110 mm
● Telescopic section 2-fold
● Adjustable column range 20/19 / 520 / 490 mm

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