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Northwest 16' Aluminum Level Rod Feet/10ths/100ths

Northwest 16' Aluminum Level Rod Feet/10ths/100ths (ea)

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Northwest 16' Aluminum Level Rod  Feet/10ths/100ths
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NAR16T 16' aluminum telescoping grade rod graduated ft/10ths/100ths; 4-section from Northwest Instrument.

These economical rods are ideal for building, planning, grading and leveling with optical levels. All models have sharply defined characters and graduations that can easily be read in any lighting. It is constructed of 100% aluminum and consists of 4 sections each with a button lock. Graduations are anodized onto the aluminum to withstand the harshest work conditions. A special measuring scale exists on the backside allowing users to read the height of the rod at eye level. Wear-protected, glare resistant scales are highlighted in red to mark each foot. All aluminum rods collapse to 5 in length and fiberglass rods close to under six feet in length.

For use with laser detectors, use the NWT8.5E (inches) or NWT8.5T (tenths) 2-section rods. These have seamless joints allowing the detector clamp to slide up and down freely.


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