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Spectra Precision GL722 Dual Grade Laser (ea)

Spectra Precision GL722 Dual Grade Laser (ea)

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Spectra Precision GL722 Dual Grade Laser
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Spectra Precision GL722 Dual Grade Laser Spectra Precision GL722 Dual Grade Laser Spectra Precision GL722 Dual Grade Laser
Spectra Precision GL722 Dual Grade Laser Spectra Precision GL722 Dual Grade Laser Spectra Precision GL722 Dual Grade Laser
Spectra Precision GL722 Dual Grade Laser Spectra Precision GL722 Dual Grade Laser

The Spectra Precision GL22 Dual Grade Laser has +/-10% in the X-axis grade range and -0.5 to +25% Y-axis grade range with high accuracy up to 900 m (3,000 ft) diameter.

With Long-range Radio Remote Control, PlaneLok, Grade Matching, and Automatic Axis Alignment capability, it's ideal for general construction, site preparation, road construction and machine control grade applications.

On site, you’ll find that the advanced features quickly translate into productivity and accuracy. When used with Trimble GCS300, GCS600, or GCS900 Grade Control Systems, the operator can control which allows an operator to control lift and tilt automatically and simultaneously for improved speed and controlled accuracy. With the GL700’s powerful, long-range remote control option, it only takes one person to accurately set up and operate the grade laser. Even grade reverse is done in an instant. And for the first time, you can automatically control all the transmitter functions from inside the machine cab. And each unit comes with a laser receiver standard, your choice of power options, and the best service and support in the industry.

Package includes:
● GL722 Dual-Grade Laser
● CR600 Laser receiver & rod clamp
● RC703 Remote Control
● NiMH battery pack
● Universal charger
● C51 Magnetic machine mount for
CR600 receiver
●12V battery cable w/ alligator clips
● User manual
● Two year warranty

Since 1956, buy with confidence from FLT Geosystems. We have two complete laser repair centers, located in Fort Lauderdale and Tampa, staffed with factory trained technicians authorized to perform any repair, including warranty service. We calibrate every laser we sell, and stock the parts necessary to keep you up and running. Try getting that service from a typical online seller!

Long Range Radio Remote

With 2-way communication between the transmitter and the remote, you can now change grade on the fly… even from the cab… without approaching the transmitter! No more long walks up grade. By remotely changing and reading grade information, you can speed setup and reduce costly communication errors.

Grade Match Mode

Grade Match Mode allows you to match the laser to an existing slope. Simply set your receiver at the same height as the transmitter then after going to your remote point, press a button on the wireless remote to enable the transmitter to automatically match and display the grade...without returning to the laser transmitter.

Automatic Axis Alignment

Up to 150 meters (500 feet) from the
Transmitter. Allows simple alignment of either side of any grade axis to the desired remote point. This simple, one-person operation lets you roughly align the transmitter to within 40 degrees of the remote point. You can then go to your remote point and, with a simple button press on the wireless remote, the axis is automatically aligned. The remote provides immediate confirmation of the alignment. Automatic Axis Alignment simplifies setup and ensures repeatable accuracy.


For applications that require maximum stability and accuracy, PlaneLok virtually eliminates beam drift by locking the laser beam to a fixed elevation. Simply set your handheld receiver at the desired elevation, select PlaneLok mode on the remote control and the laser beam will remain exactly at that elevation all day long, regardless of wind or temperature changes. This increased stability and accuracy means less rework, better material control… and a better bottom line.
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