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Topcon AT-B4 24X Auto Level

Topcon AT-B4 24X Auto Level (ea)

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Topcon AT-B4 24X Auto Level
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Topcon AT-B4 24X Auto Level Topcon AT-B4 24X Auto Level

Topcon's AT-B4 24x automatic level has a completely waterproof telescope (IPx6) and is, therefore, ideal for all kinds of wet-surveying operations, in light rain or tunnels.

The AT-B4 can focus on objects as close as 20cm (7.9 in.) which is suitable for close range work carried out by builders and contractors.

The compensator of AT-B series levels incorporate four suspension wires made of extremely high-tensile metal that features minimal thermal expansion coefficient, providing unmatched durability and accuracy even in the harshest environmental conditions. Its finely tuned magnetic damping system quickly levels and stabilizes the line of sight despite the fine vibrations present when working near heavy equipment or busy roadways.

2.0mm per 1km double run
1/16" @ 200 ft.

Each instrument is calibrated by our factory-trained technicians before it ships to ensure accuracy. This means adjusting both the reticle and the bubble.

Remember, no matter how good or expensive your level is, if it's out of adjustment, your level won't shoot level!

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