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Level Best TS108 108" Tractor Laser Box Blade, Single Cylinder (ea)

Level Best TS108 108" Tractor Laser Box Blade, Single Cylinder (ea)

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List Price: $8650.00 Your Price: $8299.00

Level Best TS108 108" Tractor Laser Box Blade, Single Cylinder
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Level Best TS108 108" Tractor Laser Box Blade (Grading Box), Single Cylinder

Standard Features:
● 1/1/2" Dia. Mast Pole
● Flat-proof tires
● Powder coated finish
● Reversible cutting edge on all sides
● Category I & II hitch


●Tractor-mounted power-beyond, or auxiliary hydraulic remote valve

● 50 to 75 HP tractor

Price does not include hydraulics or laser controls.

The best technology and quality manufacturing make a difference

● Finish grade elevation to within .12 to .25 inches, depending on the laser system used.
● Unique hydraulic controls automatically raise or lower
the grader box
● Durable steel plate and heavy wall construction
● Digital proportional valve dramatically increases accuracy

Easy to operate

The laser controls are easy to learn and use. As the operator grades, the system’s receiver
detects laser light from a rotating beacon and transmits a signal to the Level Best hydraulic controls. The hydraulic valve uses the signal from the receiver and automatically lowers or raises the grader box to the required grade. Precise finish grade is attained when the “on
grade” light remains illuminated. The finish grade elevation is consistently level to plus or minus 1/8” or 1/4” depending on the laser system used.

Unique Features

● Durable Steel – Constructed of 3/8” and 1/4” steel plate and heavy-wall steel tubing, the Level Best grading system is built to take daily abuse on a job site.
● Rugged Casters with Wheel Hub and Tapered Roller Bearing assemblies
● Large, Heavy-Duty Casters withstand years of punishment.
● Heavy-Duty Wheel Hub and Bearing Assemblies need only annual greasing, reducing maintenance time and costs.
● Composite Bushings – Epoxy-
Fiberglass Composite Bushings in all pivot points. This eliminates the need for greasing. The inexpensive, replaceable bushings wear instead of your grading box.
● Flat Free Tires – These innovative, flat free tires have the same benefit as foam-filled tires, but without the added weight. This all but eliminates down time because of a tire being repaired, and leaves less of a tire track.
● Durable Cutting Edges – Made of long wearing high-carbon steel, can be reversed for twice the life and replaced in a matter of minutes.
● Powder Coating – Tough, long-lasting powder-coating ensures that a Level Best grader box will look great for years to come.

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