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Suunto KB-20 Compass

Suunto KB-20 Compass (ea)

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Suunto KB-20 Compass
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Suunto KB-20 Compass Suunto KB-20 Compass

The Suunto KB-20 is a precision compass with adjustable sighting eyepiece. The KB-20 is an azimuth 0-360° model graduated in 1° units. The KB-20 provides an optical reading of bearing to target (foresight) and reverse (backsight). Small backsight bearings are printed above the larger foresight bearings for easier orientation and navigation (see illustration).

The Suunto KB-20 compass has the same features as the KB-14, just with a high impact, waterproof, shockproof plastic case that floats. It is an ideal instrument for marine, professional and outdoor use.

Azimuth models have a small backsight and larger foresight, both graduated to 1°; estimates to 1/2°.

Size: 2-7/8" x 2-1/8" x 5/8". Includes lanyard. Sold without case.


Keep both eyes open and aim with the compass so that the sighting line meets the target when viewing through the lens. The main scale indicates the bearing to the target you are aiming at and the reversed scale indicates the bearing from your target to the aimed location. This feature is of great help, especially at sea, when determining exact locations. Use your left or right eye for reading the compass depending on your personal preferences. When both eyes are open, an optical illusion makes the sighting line extend above the body of the compass over the target. This increases reading accuracy and speed.

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