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Suunto KB-14/360Q Quadrant Compass

Suunto KB-14/360Q Quadrant Compass (ea)

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Suunto KB-14/360Q Quadrant Compass
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Suunto KB-14/360Q 0-90 Quadrant Compass

The Suunto KB-14/360Q is a precision compass with adjustable sighting eyepiece. The KB-14/360Q is a quadrant 0-90 model graduated in 1 units. The KB-14 provides an optical reading of bearing to target expressed as 0-90 in either the NE, NW, SE, or SW quadrant.

The KB-14 hand-bearing compass is an excellent tool for foresters, surveyors and geologists and many others. Suunto bearing compasses are designed to combine extreme accuracy with ease and speed of operation.

Suunto bearing compasses are designed to combine extreme accuracy with ease and speed of operation. The accuracy is 1/3, graduation 1 and the compass weighs only 115 g. The flat, machined aluminum compact housing has no protruding or adjustable parts and are designed to stand up to heavy-duty wear. The compasses are water resistant.

The cards of these compasses are immersed in a special dampening fluid that ensures vibrationless, smooth movement. They are pivoted on polished sapphire tips. The veering assembly is to all intents and purposes subject to no wear and the liquid remains clear and its viscosity low under all conditions.

Note: Suunto no longer makes compasses calibrated for different worldwide zones. All Suunto KB14 compasses have a global cap installed that allow it to work in any worldwide zone with the same accuracy and precision. You might have to tilt the compass to allow the needle (compass rose) to float freely. See "Balancing for geographic zones" document below.

The compasses have been given permanent anti-static treatment. The lens apertures of the Suunto KB-14 and KB-20 types are restricted horizontally by a column, which automatically centers the eye on the optical axis, thus eliminating parallax.


Quadrant model, 0-90 in NE, NW, SE, and SW quadrants
Graduated in 1 units
Accuracy is 1/3 and the compass weighs only 115g
Flat, compact housing with no
protruding or adjustable parts
Durable aluminum housing -
protects against water, impact,
Dampening liquid does not freeze
or evaporate
1/4" x 20 thread on back for easy
mounting to camera tripod.
Wrist strap and carrying case


Keep both eyes open and aim with the compass so that the sighting line meets the target when viewing through the lens. In Q-models the main scale indicates the reading to the target you are aiming at. Use your left or right eye for reading the compass depending on your personal preferences. When both eyes are open, an optical illusion makes the sighting line extend above the body of the compass over the target. This increases reading accuracy and speed.

Made in Finland

View/Download Suunto KB-14 user manual
View/Download Balancing for Worldwide Zones


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