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Suunto PM-5/360 PC Clinometer (ea)

Suunto PM-5/360 PC Clinometer (ea)

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Suunto PM-5/360 PC Clinometer
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Suunto PM-5/360 PC Clinometer Suunto PM-5/360 PC Clinometer

The Suunto hand-held PM-5/360 PC clinometer is a precision instrument used all over the world by surveyors, engineers, cartographers, geologists, miners and architects and many others to measure heights, vertical angles and slopes quickly and easily.

The Suunto PM-5/360PC clinometer features a sturdy housing body made from corrosion resistant anodized aluminum alloy. The scale cards run on special bearings in hermetically sealed plastic containers filled with a liquid which guarantees that they run smoothly and stop quickly.

The liquid will not freeze or evaporate, retains full damping properties in all working conditions and eliminates irritating scale vibrations.

This Suunto clinometer features two scales: 0 90, 0 150 % (see illustration). The left-hand scale gives the slope angle in degrees from the horizontal plane at eye level. The right-hand scale gives the height of the point of sight from the same horizontal eye level, and it is expressed in per cent of the horizontal distance. Complete directions are included.

The Suunto PM-5 clinometer also has a side window which displays slope in degrees, used by simply setting the clinometer on the surface of what you are measuring. A conversion table on the back contains cosines 0-45. This is used to correct slope distance to true horizontal distance. The eye piece is adjustable. A nylon pouch with belt loop is included.

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